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If I had to tell review in one line ; it would be good.

For the readers who came here to know about this hotel, For them I would like to mention that during my trip to katra, Vaishno devi (Jammu )

I booked hotel from OYO Rooms, Named : Hotel triundh regency for 2 nights, i.e - 18 Feb to 20 Feb 2019.

I got a great deal from OYO ( 60% off )

Check your availability here.

I must remind you that ;  there was total military control in katra. More specifically : karfyuu. Due to Pulwama terror attack.


The morning ( 18 Feb 2019 ) when I reached katra. I knew there will be millitory control on the area.

No internet and mobile connection was present in the whole Jammu & Kashmir.

When I reached hotel ; they said they have no information about my booking. They refused to give me the room.

I had all the documents, OYO Booking details, message from OYO. They still kept refusing me to give the room. I was totally disheartened because I was alone.

After 15 minutes few more people with OYO Booking came to the hotel. Forcefully they had to call OYO for the booking details (Hotel had a landline connection which was working).

OYO verified all the details. I supposed that now I can check in to my room.

But no!

They said they did not give room to the solo travellers. They mentioned this policy.

I said; what rubbish!

When I booked their was no such rule. After arguing they again called OYO. OYO verified my identity and they told hotel owner to give me my room.

After 30-45 minutes I was given my room.

This problem arised due to network issue.I don't blame Hotel Triundh Regency for this.


I would like to blame OYO. They say  : 100℅ controlled by OYO.

If hotels are 100℅ controlled by Oyo then why their is no prior information about the guest coming to the hotels.

Whats your take from my experience?

If you have to book hotel online. Give more emphasis on the hotel reviews by other guests.

You can always use tool like Trivago to check hotel reviews, rating and photos online.

Experiment less ; Follow what most people says.


This was my room

Rooms were neat and clean. Hats off to the hotel triundh regency.

T.V, Gueser and every other appliance were working fine. However I didn't checked A.C & why should I check? Temp. outside is below 0 degrees.

Only 42 channels were available. They had a cable connection not DTH. In my case there was no signal error for 12-14 hours everyday. I think its because of the terrain.

But still, TV experience was not upto the mark. They could improve on it.


I don't talk much with new people but I must say staff was cooperating exept when I checked in.

They were helping. Towels, shampoo and other utilities were provided.

You could book your meal directly from hotel but I guess it would cost you much more than outside.

Locality of Hotel Triundh Regency

First of all, I would like to mention that location marked 🚩 on Google Maps is incorrect. However, I edited it. Lets see when it get published.

Location of hotel is around 1-2 KM from the katra bus stand. 🚌

It is much nearer from Katra helipad. It is also very near from Katra railway station.

From a pilgrimage point of view its far from Banganga check post ( 2 Km approx).

Overall, it was a nice stay. I would recommend you that if you are on budget travel you can choose Hotel Triundh Regency for sure.

I think I wrote everything that I experienced in hotel. This was my review for Hotrl Triundh Regency, Katra ( Kashmir road ).

I will leave you with some soothing pictures that I took from my hotel & nearby.

Hotel triund regency katra reviews Hotel triund regency katra reviews Reviewed by Vivek Kumar on February 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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