Recommended books to Read : The Journey by Tarun Deep Singh

Hello readers,

First of all, I must tell you that I hated book reading since I am on this earth. Dam! That is why I am not able to read much books.

Being a medical student. I am mostly entangled within my syllabus.

Honesty writing, Only books that I had read before the journey was Walking the Nile & Walking the Himalayas. Both written by Levision Wood.

I am talking about the books that I read apart from my scholastic activity.

The books by Levision wood were based on adventure. 


Now I want you to pay attention to : The Journey: Traveller With In ;  by Tarun Deep Singh

What is life?
What is death? 
Who are you? 

Have you ever asked this to yourself?

Sometimes, It is good to think this way!

The Journey by Tarun Deep Singh is a philosophical book + Self help book as well. 

It must be one of the best books online.
Although, I haven't read many of them but I can assure you.

You could say; It is a great motivational book available on the web(Amazon)

Divided in chapers: dark and light, Who am I, Death the biggest lie & the selfless warrior.

Every chapter is explained fabiously & in detail with some infographics, charts and other Visuals.

A reader like me who earlier hated reading is appreciating this book. You can imagine how positive I am feeling right now.

This book will surely help in self growth. You can surely improve your life by reading book like these.

I am not going to omit everything that I read in the book, Rather I am recommending you to please purchase it.

Its totally worth it!

Someone will ask, Vivek what you liked most in this book?

Simple Answer : Its Simplicity, Everything is so simple to understand.

Nothing typical Shakespeare like terms which creates headache while reading.

I would highly recommend you to checkout this book which you must read before you die.
Because thats the ultimate truth😇.

Rating : 5 out of 5.
Recommended books to Read : The Journey by Tarun Deep Singh Recommended books to Read : The Journey  by Tarun Deep Singh Reviewed by Vivek Kumar on March 05, 2019 Rating: 5

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