Will there be any war between India & Pakistan in future?

Will there be a war between India and Pakistan within the close to future?


There'll be a War between India & Pakistan in future.

This is my perception. I can't say when it will happen? but Surely it will... I will tell you why in this post later.

Considering present scenario, Chances are very high!

However, this will not only impact economy of both countries rather whole world will be affected.

I am not talking with respect the third world war. The present shift in geopolitical situation in South Asia has developed this scenario for India .

The historical background of each countries wasn't quite strange once U.S.A. sent his seventh armed service Fleet to support Pakistanis in 1971 war on a motive by launching a military offensive against India.

But, with the passing time. Now, within the twentieth century the current situation is totally different.

After India’s Capitalist policy in 1991 & successful Nuclear check in 1998, U.S.A. atilt towards India at a much quicker rate than normal.

Observing the Trillions dollar Market economic potential, U.S.A. gave many gifts to India to create a diplomatic difference between India and Russia.

The recent developments within the last five years have indicated the evolution of a improved war strategy of India.

Thanks to Shri Narendra Modi.

After BJP's gov. ( 2014 onwards)

India came closer to America creating distance with Russia.

Recognising India as a serious Defence Partner.

India and U.S.A signed the provision Exchange memo of Agreement (LEMOA) in 2016.

US also grants india under Strategic Trade Authorisation-1 list. Which provides India greater supply chain efficiency, both for defence and for other high-tech products, that will increase activity with US systems, the interoperability of the systems, and it will reduce time and resources needed to get licensing approved.

Thanks to above deals,

Russia equipped Mi-17v5 helicopters to Pakistan army despite Indian protest.

Russia conjointly allowed Pakistan Army to get training on their land. After, U.S.A cancelled training of Pakistan Army on their land.

Russian behaviour with Pakistanis had surely tested Indians.

Regardless of Russia-Pak relations, If anyone is thinking.

Russia can support them against India during a war!

Then, I will say you are hallucinated.

Infact, Russians cannot afford losing a sure friend like India.

They already had over $10 Billion bucks military deal in pipeline.

Underneath that India can procure five systems of S-400 BMD cost accounting $5 billion, four Advanced Frigates ($4 Billion), one SSN ($2 Billion) & K-226T LUH ($1 billion) from them.

We know Pakistani relationship with chinese protrated as beyond mountains & deeper than seas.

Chinese tried empowering Pakistani military by providing them JF-17,Ballistic Missiles , HQ-7 SAM & others. Major chunk of Pakistani military weapons comes from China.

See list of Pakistani Weapons here( Redirected to Wikipidea)

Representative Image for Missiles

I think there is not much time left when Pakistani currency will be replaced by Chinese currency (Renminbi)

So analysing these activities, I will conclude regarding Future India war with some major points…

If war happens, India can have support from most countries together with all major powers.

  1. If war happens, India will have support from maximum countries including all major powers.
  2. India will have both USA & Russia backing during war with Pakistan.
  3. India’s probability on fighting two front war is more when it comes to war with Pakistan in future as China wants to occupy Pakistan due to its Geographical advantage..once China occupied Pakistan, then would be able to control entire Energy route of Asia.
  4. Majority of arab countries will support India beacuse of its economic significance.
  5. Israelis’ blood aren't yet cold as they haven't avenged the death of their citizens died in 26/11 terror attcak. Therefore, Mossad can launch Cyber Warfare against Pakis by giving an unprecedented edge to India in the battle.
  6. This war will be the Do or Die scenario for both nations. Beacuse………If India loose there will be Gazwa-E-Hind.

I came to know about Gazwa-E-Hind word  when I was watching D.N.A hosted by Sudhir choudhary (Zee News).

Ghazwa-e-Hind meaning conquest of India. Exact lines being 

“Two groups amongst My Ummah would be such, to whom Allah has freed from fire; One group would attack India & the Second would be that who would accompany Isa Ibn-e-Maryam (A.S.).”
  • If Pakistan wins , India will face Gazwa-e-Hind & Huge human disaster will happen.
  • If India wins , there will no Pakistan in the World map.

No doubt, Most chances is of second point. You know why?
Dad is Dad always...
Jai Hind 🇮🇳


Disclaimer : I am not a generalist, politician or any other V.I.P , I have written this article as a common citizen of my country. This discussion is based on some true facts. I have no intentions to influence your thoughts towards the war in any circumstances. 
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